10 Years On…A New Site!

Has it really been 10 years? 10 years since that fateful night at the London Astoria 2? 10 years since Skin took a bow for the last time? It has…

And what better way to say “Hey! Skin still rock!” than to reboot the Skin Archive and give it a facelift. Over the years, the Skindex has been reduced to mere web forum, and the stalwarts have persevered (God bless ’em). But I felt it was time to restore the balance. Over the next few weeks I will hopefully have all the old skinfreak and skindex content back up, including the fans stories and the Skin Family Tree.

And for that, I need you dear readers. If you have a special Skin story, post it to the forum. Better still, if you have any Skin related material knocking about, let me know. I want to get as much stuff on here as possible so send your images and clippings.

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed over the past decade to the Skin website!

General Skinfreak

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