Mission Statement

SKIN didn’t get all the chances they deserved, cracking into an industry that didn’t have the volition to give music artists…regardless of musical diversity…a chance to let themselves be heard. There was never enough time for them ‘cos they weren’t the Spice Girls or Boyzone. Well now that’s all water under the bridge…the members of SKIN have moved onto greener pastures. Some of the guys are still about, and can be heard in many projects…others have retired from life on the road to a more normal existence.

The void left in our lives as a result can never be truly filled, but we’ll always live in hope that one day, SKIN will rise again. But the music plays on…and on and on. Good music will never die and this band was a testament to that.

This website is a tribute to a group of musicians who did their own thing till it nearly killed ‘em. The fans will always know that and that’s why you’ll only hear of admiration and respect of the guys on the web board. So take a look around, download some songs or watch some videos…have a chat with us. There’s always someone around and it doesn’t matter what the topic of conversation is…the mere fact that you have reached this site in search of Skin means you’re already a friend in our hearts.


John & the Skin Archive Family

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