Reunion Interview tracked down Myke and Andy to ask them the questions from the fans, and we chucked in a couple or our own in. There’s some interesting thoughts on music today, X-Factor and the boy’s favourite (and least favourite) Skin songs.

Now that the reunion is on – what are your thoughts on taking to the stage again as Skin?

Myke, Andy and Skinfreak @ Download 2009.
Myke, Andy and Skinfreak @ Download 2009.

Myke: From the moment that the idea was put to us-I have been excited, and for many different reasons

1. To be reunited back with the people I toured the world with, made music with, laughed and cried with is like being reunited with long lost brothers-very emotional
2. To be given a chance to say thank you to the skin fans that made the whole thing an incredible experience
3. To be able to go onstage without drugs and alcohol and play the songs with the passion and commitment with which they were written-is a chance I never thought I would have.
Andy: 11 years is a long time and I’ve forgotten the whole feeling of what being in a band is. I think the most strange/stunning moment will be meeting the guys again. Taking to stage , I’m sure will actually be a lot more scary than it was all those years ago, but I’m confident that that it will as good, if not better, than before.
What has been filling your time in the last 11 years?
M: After skin I got involved in studio work-writing and programming for lots of pop and dance music-I hated it and turned my back on the music I loved, sold my soul, and became a drug addict-life became hell and completely lost who I was and paid a heavy price. But luckily met a beautiful woman who met me in my darkest hour and helped put me back together. I went back to school, studying nutrition, Biomechanics and have become a personal trainer and life coach, helping people with a wide range of problems, from drug addiction, weight loss, back pain etc etc
A: My Career and my family.
A lot had changed in music since Skin split – we’ve had numetal and emo, britpop has returned and finally a new Guns N roses album – what will Skin bring to the table?
M: Skin were never fashionable, but what we had was belief and passion. we loved the music we played. I would walk into battle with these guys and am proud to be part of Skin.
A: I’m afraid I cannot comment on the music scene since we split. I have had no contact with it at all (what the hell is emo!!!).
Skin will be great. We were always great and just maybe a younger, new audience will see us for what we were/are and not label the band as “poodle haired cock rockers” like some of the press did!! ) ( Umm, I still have the hair but it doesn’t make me a poodle !!!!)
What do you think are the best and worst things to happen to the music industry in the last 11 years?
M: the worst thing is X factor, pop idol, shows that try to formularize what a singer or musician should be. Do you think Zach de la Rocha, or Johnny Rotten/Lydon would of won X factor? I think not.
the best thing is the Internet, now musicians can still own their own music and have to sell it for peanuts to a major record label. People who don’t give a damn about an artist’s career just whether it will make a large enough profit.
A: The best. Skin doing download, the worst, skin being written off and hence, splitting up.
What are your best and worst memories of his time in the band?
M: best memories are Donington in 94, worst memory was the final tour, a very hollow experience, I had started to become addicted to cocaine and felt very alienated from the band and the audience.
A: There are too many memories in both categories to be specific. The early days when we went from nothing and playing small pubs to signing a deal, making an album in the USA , to playing Donington, being on TOTP within a very short space of time. We took all the people with us from the start, loyal fans & crew. We were a sort of family, but families fight!!!!!
Favourite Skin Song?
M: Love like Suicide-a very personal song
A: Cant say I really have single favourite. I hadn’t listened to the songs in over 10 years until a couple of months ago. However listening to them now, many of them really stand up well and are really good. Different ones give me different emotions. A few favourites are TRIPPING, SHINE LIKE DIAMONDS, LBDT, THE ONLY ONE,LUCKY, PERFECT DAY……….the list goes on……….
Least Favourite skin song?
M: so many-Raised on Radio-the record company made us record it-I don’t think we ever played it live
A: Again, there’s a good few but I’m sure that’s the same with any band, every album produces great tracks and not so great tracks, but at the time they must have all meant something to us to get on the album. The one exception I can think of is RAISED ON RADIO. It was a song that was liked by others and as far as I remember, was one of the songs that got us signed in the first place, but by the time we went to record the first album we had all outgrown it and really didn’t like it, but had to include it because key people in the management & record company thought it was great.
What songs (non singles) would you put on a Best of Skin CD?
M:Soul, Tripping, Love Like Suicide, Blow my mind
A: The Live album has all the tracks I can think of. It’s a great album and really encapsulates what we were.
What 3 songs would you pick by Skin that you believe define the band’s music and history?
M:Tower of strength, Look but don’t touch, love like suicide
A: Look But Don’t Touch, How Lucky You Are, Shine Like Diamonds
Non Skin questions now…favourite movie of all time?
M: True Romance
A: Too many to mention, the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns I can watch over and over again.
Favourite album of all time?
M: it would be a AC/DC best of album-simply the best rock & roll band of all time
A: Sorry, cant narrow it down. Certain albums at different times in my life: Beatles – Sergeant Pepper,  Deep Purple – Made in Japan, Thin Lizzy – Live and Dangerous, Quo Live  (this is when they WERE a rock band. After ‘Rockin all over the world’ they turned into pop, then cabaret!!, Maiden – number of the beast, Whitesnake 87, Welcome to the jungle, Bloodsugarsexmagic RHCP.
Thanks chaps!

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