Skin Parlophone Albums for £6.99

We’ve been getting requests for a while as to where Skinfreaks can get hold of the band’s CDs and music. With Ebay selling copies for up to £50 (I kid you not), I thought it would be useful to give you a nod to what I consider to be the best online music download source. Fans of Apple might bemoan a like of iTunes lpug here, but you cannot argue with a 320kbs DRM free mp3 in my mind, so HMV is the winner.

So if you are missing these classics from your collection DOWNLOAD THIS INSTANT!

Skin (Debut Album) – £6.99
This includes additional b-sides from the singles.

Absolutely Live At The Borderline – £6.99

Lucky – £6.99
This includes all the b-sides from “How Lucky…” and “Perfect Day”!

Experience Electric – £7.99 @ HMV or £6.99 from Amazon.
(HMV offers 320kbs while Amazon only 265kbs – you pays your money and makes your choice…)


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