Pick Toby's Setlist

Toby JepsonToby Jepson has decided that his set each night will be a full acoustic set of Little Angels material!!

Toby’s website is asking the fans, what they would like to hear at these shows. Toby will personally look at the results and make sure that the ones with the highest votes get included.

To submit your suggestions please either email me at www.gunofficial.co.uk or contact us through Toby’s MySpace page

CD & DVD: Preorders Now Online – UPDATE

The new limited edition CD and DVDs are now available for pre-order at the Skin Shop. Each item is limited to only 1000 signed copies, and will be released for this December’s UK tour.

Please do not order if you cannot pick these up directly. In order to pickup the items, you must retain and print your PayPal payment notification and bring this with you to the venue. Any orders not collected at the chosen event will be refunded and the items put back into stock. Please contact us here if you have any queries.

Ignore all the above! It’s nonsense! The new CD and DVD will now be available after the UK tour, so anyone who cannot make the gig can now get the new album through the post. However, if you do want the album earlier and can make one of the gigs, make sure that you select the free pre-order shipping entry!

New Album and DVD Preorders Soon

Up Close & Personal, the new Skin album will be available to pre-order exclusively on shop.skinfreak.co.uk this weekend! But there’s a twist! As the album is limited to only 1000 copies, they will only be available for pickup during the December tour.

Depending on the outcome of the tour, there maybe additional copies made available, but for the moment this is a once only chance to get hold of the album. Stay tuned!