Tour Wraps Up In Rock City

Skin have well and truly rocked the city of Nottingham (ok…bad pun) with the final gig of their 2009 Tour. The guys have been knocked back by the response from the fans, and have been having the time of their lives on stage. As Nev explains every night, it’s you, the fans who make Skin and always have done. And the boys get the message: Skin are well and truly back.

Fans have travelled across the globe to be at the gig, and new friends have been found as a result of Skin’s triumphant Download ’09 set. A big thank you to all that came out to see the gigs.

A big thumbs up is deserved by Toby Jepson for the sterling support slot, and the frequent hi-jinx on stage for ‘Unbelievable’ with Skin. And to the rag tag merch team of Heulwen, Donna, Jules, Joe and Jamie – top marks! A great tour all round and a huge thanks to everyone who came. Once the boys recover, we’ll have some sound words of wisdom and an idea about what 2010 brings for all us Skinfreaks… 

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