'Born To Rock' Now Available As Free Download

Skin’s new single is available to download for free from the Skin Web Shop. Yep. Free. All you have to do is log in with your Shop Account.

We’re releasing this free, in order to a get a little feedback from the fans…visual feedback in fact. We want you to be in the new Skin video. The task is simple: video yourself singing along to the song. Do this wherever you like. On the Tube. In the bath. In the pub. On your roof. Wherever. Then send it to us!

The video must be PAL 25fps or NTSC 29.97fps (frames per second) and High Definition or Standard Def is fine. One entry of the song per person will be allowed (i.e. no multiple takes!). If you can only send in raw footage – submit it uncut and unedited. We’ll do the rest.


UPDATE: FTP Instructions here!

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