Tour Merch On Sale Now

Skin’s Farewell Tour merchandise will be available to order from the Skin Web Shop this week. There’s some tasty t-shirts and a cool beanie up for grabs, so get ahead of the gig queues!

While we are talking about t-shirts, there are still small quantities of both the ‘Reunited’ and ‘Road To Download’ shirts available, including small sizes of the latter. And when we say small, we mean handfuls! Check them out from the Skin Web Shop.

UPDATE: Orders now being taken from the Web Shop. Note that we only have sizes medium and large for the LBDT tee, but after special requests for our *ahem* larger fans we have XXL in the Breaking The Silence tee.

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Ping Skin

You can stay up to date with Skin using iTunes Ping. Become a fan of the band on the newest social network, which might not actually go anywhere, but hey…we can try can’t we?! Do we need another social network? Yeah….go on then.

Check out our Ping profile here.

New Album Available for a Fiver?!

Breaking The SilenceSkin’s new album ‘Breaking The Silence’ is now available from at an introductory launch price of just £4.99 for a limited time. While it cannot possible match the splendour of the CD release (available exclusively from the Skin Web Shop of course!), we strongly urge you you forward this link to any friends and family that new a sharp shot of rock and roll in their veins. And you cannot argue at the price!

The link to Amazon!

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Look But Don’t Touch

Released in October, 1994, ‘Look But Don’t Touch’ reached number 33 in the UK singles chart, and has become a classic mainstay track in rock clubs across the land.