Interview With Toby Jepson

With the great Toby Jepson out on the road with Skin, we caught up with the ex Little Angels and GUN singer to ask some pertinent questions! Read on for the knowledge…

Toby supporting Skin at Bristol Thekla, 10/12/2009

1. How does it feel to be taking part in Skin swansong tour? Considering where Skin were in the last days of the Angels’ final tour, does it feel a little odd for the shoe to be on the other foot?

Toby: Its great! Its always fun to play in front of an audience no matter what, and especially because of the circumstances. The guys in SKIN are gents and because of our shared history it makes it special with out a doubt.

2. Skin are going out with a bang with the new album – what do you think about the band calling it a day after producing such a well received album?

Toby: Being in a band isn’t as easy as you think! Pressures come from. Many directions. Its tough to balance everything and keep the energy flowing in the right direction. They will have their reasons and that has to be respected. One thing I do know is that I’m sure they made the record with passion and commitment and at least they can finish knowing they left something they can be proud of. Something similar happened to us so I  know how it feels.

3. What’s are your favourite Skin tracks and will you be contributing to any on this tour?

Toby: I always liked ‘House of Love’ Nev has a killer voice and I’ve known him since the Kooga days and always been a fan of that massive voice. I’d love to play on stge with the guys but will waity to be invited…

4. Will you be rooting for the X-Factor or Skin’s ‘Redemption’ for Christmas Number 1?

Toby: Sure, why not…

5. What can we expect from you on this tour?6. You recently had a short (but sweet) stint with Gun, and produced the excellent ‘Popkiller’ mini album (NOTE to Skinfreaks: GET IT!). Was it tough to call it a day so soon after you started working together?

Toby: Its always tough to say farewell to friends with whom you have a great working relationship, but situations changed and it became impossible to carry on. I was getting work as a producer and we were finding it tough going with the touring due to the current climate and so all things considered we agreed that it was the best thing if they re grouped without me and I went forward with my plans, after all, life is what happens whilst you’re making them…
I will be playing about 30 mins so I’m going to mix it up a tadm angels and solo stuff, and maybe a GUN tune…see how it goes!

7. Any chance of hearing some Popkiller tracks on the Skin tour?

Toby: See above…

8. There seem to murmurs about a Little Angels reunion again on the web – is this still and idea out in the ether?

Toby: It’s been discussed but I doubt it will ever happen. Every ones lives are so dis connected now ans we all have such great memories of the past that we wouldn’t want to ruin it by getting it wrong.
I’d like to do it if everyone returned for the right reasons and it was a joyous occasion and never say never but truthfully, don’t hold your breath…

9. When’s your new album out?

Toby: 6th December

10. What’s in your CD player at the moment?

Toby: My new record! I’m checking mixes etc…

Thanks Toby – see you on the road!

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