Check out Dicki’s VEINS


If you have been keeping up with Skin drummer Dicki Fliszar’s American interests you may have noticed his work with the Blank Faces. 
They have a new song out via Bandcamp titled Veins which is fair old slab of rock. As Dicki himself states:

Here it is: The new single “Veins” from us: The Blank Faces!! It rocks at the start, then more rock in the middle and very rock at the end. If you like that amount of rock I promise you, you will like it 😉
It features Kemble Walters on lead vocals and guitar, Adam D’Zurilla on bass and backing vocals, me on drums and backing vocals and Kemble also mixed and produced this jam!
Go to the bandcamp site and get it for the amount you want. For free or for $99 – it’s up to you 😉

Also, sorry about that post title. It just kind of happened…