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Breaking The Silence

Breaking The Silence

Skin’s first electric album in over a decade. Eleven new tracks including an electric version of ‘Redemption’. The album is completely self funded by the band and has a strictly limited printing of 2,000 copies. Featuring the singles ‘Stronger’ and ‘Born To Rock ‘N’ Roll’. Available from the Skin Web Shop.

Up Close And Personal

After 11 years, Skin returned! The 2009 acoustic shows on the warm up to Download gave the guys the chance to explore the Skin back catalogue in a slightly different way. For the first time, many classic Skin songs got the acoustic treatment and this CD is the culmination of that. Featuring 12 songs including 4 new Skin tracks.

Skin: Experience Electric Cover Art

Experience Electric

Skin’s third studio album as released in the UK. Album contains many tracks available on the Japanese release of “Big Fat Slice of Life”. The album was released well over a year after BFSOL and some of the tracks featured changed somewhat. Skin’s sound also moved away from the 80′s rock to a slightly more alternative sound.

Skin: Big Fat Slice Of Life - album cover

Big Fat Slice Of Life

Not released in the UK, BFSOL was a Japan only release. Contains the majority of tracks which were later released as “Experience Electric”, including a reworking of Blue Wave which morphed into the title track of the later album.

Lucky - Skin


Skin’s second full length album, featuring the hit singles “How Lucky You Are” and “Perfect Day”. Peaked at number 38 in the UK album chart. Not satisfied with two top 40 singles, Parlophone dropped the band after this album. “Lucky” marked the start of Skin’s harder edge both tonally and lyrically (e.g. “One Nation” and “New Religion”).

Live at the Borderline (Internet Reissue Artwork)

Absolutely Live At The Borderline

Only officially released as an album in Japan, “…Borderline” served as a stop gap album until “Lucky” hit the shelves. Featuring a whole raft of classic rock anthems from the likes of Van Halen, Led Zep and Fleetwood Mac(wood), it is a good listen. In the UK, it was released as a limited edition gift from Kerrang! magazine (when Kerrang! gave a damn that wa$…)



Skin’s debut album, recorded in LA when the band were still searching for a name. Skin’s biggest chart success so far, hitting number 9 in the UK album chart. It launched the career of the band in a big way, and featured the hits singles “Tower of Strength”, “Money”, “House of Love” and “Look But Don’t Touch”.