Want Skin at Download Next Year?

On the Download Facebook page they are asking the question what bands would you like to see next year. So if you would like SKIN or RED WHITE & BLUES to play please feel free to add us – never say never! You would be amazed what influence you have on us! Original Facebook Status here.

Skin @ Download: Stage Times

Skin will be playing at 1 o’clock on the Saturday at Download 2011. Myke’s new project the Red,  White & Blues will be playing at 5 o’clock on the Sunday. Red White & Blues are the new band featuring Matti Alfonzetti. Plus Nev is going to be playing with them on the Sunday!

Myke & Nev To Appear At Download ’11

Nev and Myke will be appearing at this year’s Download Festival on the Acoustic Stage, Saturday 11th June 2011! No news on the timings but it should be a very cool, intimate set.

Myke has also announced his new project, the ‘Red, White and Blues’ will be making an appearance. The new band features Matti Alfonzetti (Jagged Edge) on vocals. They will also be appearing at Download on the Sunday, and at Hard Rock Calling with Bon Jovi on June 25th! What news!

‘Born To Rock…’ Video Plus Bonus Songs Out Now

As part of the launch of the new site, we’re giving fans the chance to download the new video for ‘Born To rock ‘N’ Roll’ from the Skin Web Shop for £2. The download video will also feature four bonus tracks of Skin classics redone. The ‘redux’ versions include ‘Perfect Day’, ‘No Way Out’, ‘Shine Like Diamonds’ and ‘Blow My Mind’.

Music files are encoded to high quality 320k MP3 and the BTR’N’R video is in DVD quality DivX Plus. The package is exclusive to Skinfreak and available now from the web shop here.

'Born To Rock' Now Available As Free Download

Skin’s new single is available to download for free from the Skin Web Shop. Yep. Free. All you have to do is log in with your Shop Account.

We’re releasing this free, in order to a get a little feedback from the fans…visual feedback in fact. We want you to be in the new Skin video. The task is simple: video yourself singing along to the song. Do this wherever you like. On the Tube. In the bath. In the pub. On your roof. Wherever. Then send it to us!

The video must be PAL 25fps or NTSC 29.97fps (frames per second) and High Definition or Standard Def is fine. One entry of the song per person will be allowed (i.e. no multiple takes!). If you can only send in raw footage – submit it uncut and unedited. We’ll do the rest.


UPDATE: FTP Instructions here!

Road To Download T-Shirt Preorders

Road to Download T-Shirt PreordersIt has been a busy bank holiday weekend for Skinfreaks! On top of having the new single, the “Stronger EP” available for download exclusively through the Skin Web Shop, fans can now preorder the limited edition Road to Download t-shirt.

The tee will be strictly limited edition and around 100 will be printed. These will then be available for dispatch prior to the June Tour. Each shirt is availble in medium, large and extra-large (sorry ladies! no skinny fit!) and priced at £15 each.

Go order now!

Stronger Available To Download

Skin Skin’s new single “Stronger” is now available to download, exclusive to the new Skin Web Shop!

The first track from the forthcoming album “BREAKING THE SILENCE” featuring three bonus tracks recorded live at Download Festival 2009. Available for only £1!

Track Listing:

  1. Stronger (CLIP HERE)
  2. House Of Love (Live)
  3. Take Me Down To The River (Live)
  4. Look But Don’t Touch (Live)

Audio encoded to 320k MP3 format (iPod compatible) with the video in 720p High Definition or standard definition DivX formats.

New Single "Stronger" Release Date

The new Skin single, "Stronger" will be available exclusively from www.skinfreak.co.uk on May 3, 2010. The single will be packaged with a High Definition copy of the new video, and three extra tracks recorded live at Download 2009. And all for the princely sum of £1. Yep. £1!

The road to Download starts here! Check out the clip of Stronger below if you haven’t heard it yet.


UPDATE: Single available for download now from the Web Shop!

MP3 Problem with "Revolution" from the Debut Album

An understandably annoyed visitor by the name of Frontman sent us the heads up that the version of “Revolution” availble from iTunes, HMV and Amazon MP3 cuts off at 4:41, and doesn’t run for the full full 5:29 of the original song.

If anyone is getting this problem, notify the store which you bought it from – unfortunately there is very little we can do other than send you this warning. Maybe have the site’s customer services check on this prior to ordering if need be. And please post your experiences in the forum – if there are sites to avoid, we’d like to know!

As Frontman concludes “this is unbelievably annoying and ruins a great song on a fantastic album”. Here here!