Hello! Did You Miss Us?

We’re back! After a prolonged snooze thanks to hackers, the Official Skin Website is back from the dead. Sporting a sexy new look inspired by our sister website Born to Rock Records, we hopefully will be sticking around for a while.

So what are the changes? Well firstly, the Skin Web Shop is no more. It has been replaced by the Born To Rock Shop and we are now running an extra special promotion for anyone in the mood for a Skin or Red White & Blues CD: a free high 320k MP3 copy available for immediate download. Yep, IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD!

This is the model we will be using in the future also, so the fastest, most official mechanism to get your lug-holes around rocking sonic goodness in the future is none other than Born To Rock Records. Support the boys! Buy our stuff! Stay off those other websites like iTunes… 😉

‘Born To Rock…’ Video Plus Bonus Songs Out Now

As part of the launch of the new site, we’re giving fans the chance to download the new video for ‘Born To rock ‘N’ Roll’ from the Skin Web Shop for £2. The download video will also feature four bonus tracks of Skin classics redone. The ‘redux’ versions include ‘Perfect Day’, ‘No Way Out’, ‘Shine Like Diamonds’ and ‘Blow My Mind’.

Music files are encoded to high quality 320k MP3 and the BTR’N’R video is in DVD quality DivX Plus. The package is exclusive to Skinfreak and available now from the web shop here.

Skin Shop Online

Skin - Reunited T-Shirt - BackSkin - Reunited T-Shirt - FrontSkin’s very own web shop has now gone live…filled with one t-shirt?!! Ah well, we might only have one item, but it’s a bloody good item! The Skin Reunited T-shirt is priced at £15.

You can reach the shop through this link, or by using the main site menu (it’s the link called Shop in case you were wondering!). The shop is slightly separate from the main site, so if you want to track your orders, you will need to re-register, but this is optional.

Many thanks!